Week 6

Almost at the end we have 1 week  left until this summer job is over.This  week I had to work on small business website that’s almost complete only thing left to do is link the pages together and make sure the business website is done completely by making sure the spelling is correct also the correct punctuation being used on the website.Making this website has had its ups and downs  especially the alignment not belonging in the correct place.The girls I work with make this job easier and make time go by faster its good to have people you can laugh with at work.The speaker we had this week was someone who help develops hearings aids that use your brain so its basically something planted in your brain that connects to the hearing aid.

Week 5

This week has been an struggle but has also  been going good.The small business website that me and my partner are working on is coming along very well the only thing we have to do is link the other pages together and make  sure the church website looks the same on any device people see it from.This website has took a lot of patience and time to make it look right for the person who wants the website but also for  my partner  and I to make sure we are doing our job the correct way.

This week we had  two speakers one was Mr.Roberts who does law enforcement but also works on the bomb squad.The thing that I didn’t know about  robots was that they are being used to  stop a bomb from going off.They come in different shapes and sizes we were told how one of them cost close to half million dollars we even had the chance to play around with the small robot.

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How i’m looking when I find out a robot can stop a bomb from going off than when he tells us how much they cost.

The other speakers we had was entrepreneur and had a business called Moxie that help young girls in middle school going through things.  This was the type of app that targets  young ladies who may have problems with self esteem problems.

Week 4

This week I started on my blog and had to start working on the small business  website me and partner had to do.The starting up of making the blog is easy you just have to play around with it until you figure out what you want on the page and how you want it to look.The small business website is coming along we still have to figure out a lot of things the business owner wants on the page.There was two speakers that came to talk to us one was a business owner and the other was a politician.They were both women of color and had a lot to say.

About Me

Hello! My name is Lontae’a Williams I am a current student at Valley High School. I am going into my junior year and I chose the academy of Health Science and the course I chose to take was the Veterinarian program. Usually during the summer I would just stay in the house and chill but this summer my parent singed me up to try something new and that’s how I got into the coding program. One thing about me that a lot of people know is that I love music and listen to almost anything like Hip Hop, R&B,and Church music.My favorite male artists out now are Polo G, Roddy Ricch,and DaBaby. My favorite  female artists right now would have to be Cardi B,City Girls, and Megan Thee Stallion.

Week 3

This week we had two speakers come in and talk to us one of them talked to us about college and the other was women who wanted to help entrepreneurs.The college speaker just told a lot of things about college the good and the bad,the dorms,tuition,and filling out scholarship papers. The speaker told us how your high school grades don’t determine your future just because they might be bad in high school that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go to college.

The other speaker told us how its okay to not know what you wanna be,find you a mentor,and to be around people who have the same goals as you or want you to do better.They were both good speakers and had a lot to say that was very helpful.I have just finished the CSS basics on Treehouse it was okay.


Week 2

This has been a good week I have finished html on Treehouse and am now working on css basics.The work on css seems easier than what I was doing on css.This week had 2 speakers both women. Both of the speakers were motivating us have fun in life, try new things, and to have something to fall back on like coding if our careers don’t seem to work out.My favorite of the speakers had to be the woman from Columbia who just kept it honest about what she went through when she had started her own business.She told us about the things people would say to her when start her business,she wants more women to go into fields like coding instead of there just being men. 

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My First Week!


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My first week at Empowered has been good. The first day of school is what it felt like on my first day nobody wants to talk so its just quite and were all just focused on doing our work.Working on Treehouse is not always the best thing but once you start completing some of the prompts and questions you start to get the hang of it.The thing about Treehouse  that i don’t like is that I always leave some type of punctuation out and my whole answer is completely wrong so I have to make sure everything in there is completely right.The people speaking in the videos may talk a little to fast and work fast so you have to make sure your work looks the same as theirs.I personally don’t know what  I am going to do about the cubicle decoration competition.